Faith Johnson

 Often, in the struggle to establish a musical identity, an artist will try on different styles like pieces of clothing—hoping to find one that fits. Authenticity becomes an afterthought. But every so often, one artist emerges fully formed, in command of her craft, her identity and her music. Faith Johnson is that rarity.

Since the tender age of seven,singer/songwriter/musician, Faith Johnson, has spent untold hours writing, practicing and developing the type of music that now has major record labels calling. This recognition led Faith from her hometown of Provo, Utah to Los Angeles where she is recording her debut album.

“On this first project, I'm writing solo.” She smiles. It's a decision that flies in the face of today's highly competitive era where chart-topping artists employ teams of hit songwriters.  “Will it be Perfect? Who cares? I write what I feel.”

Faith's music lets us share the burden she bears of owning the weathered scars of an old soul, trapped in the body of a 13 year old. Her melodies have dimensions of haunting allure that, along with her artfully crafted lyrics about loss, pain, hopes and dreams, inspire one to listen over and over again. The cliché, ‘age is just a number’, has never been more fitting. Listening, we forget about numbers and realize, she was born to do this. She often jokes, “I was born with a piano, but I will die with a mic.”

Chordz Barrow 
A Keyboard player, 
Songwriter and Producer  
and  have his own  recording studio. 
"Spaced Out Studios"  

Faith Johnson upcoming album is arranged and Produced by  Chordz 

Faith Johnson
"Jump-Up"  2012 ARTIST LINEUP:

SUNDAY,   July 1st
"Caye Fest "
Jump-Up 2pm - 10pm 

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Sat.  June 30th
"Old School Nite"
Summer Fest Dance