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“Ernest Tillett started singing as a little boy in the St. John’s Choir in Belize City, Belize (formerly British Honduras.)  At age 15, he performed at a country fair in the Corozal District in Belize.  He was so well received and was encouraged to enter the “Voice of the Bay” and “Voice of Belize” contests held during the country’s annual national celebration sponsored by the Belize government….
Ernest won his first contest as he competed against 47 contestants and continued to be “the voice of the country” for the next six years.  As a result, his singing career began as his voice could be heard coming from the local radio station (British Honduras Broadcasting Station) and he was invited to sing with several quartets and big bands.  He toured all the provinces of Belize, as well as the neighboring Guatamala, Mexico, and Miami, U.S.A….
By the time Ernest migrated to the United States in 1980, he was a legend in the Belizean entertainment community.  He had garnered many awards, performed with 14 bands and delighted many with his melodic voice…
His career accomplishments preceded him and five months after arriving in Los Angeles, he was asked to perform with the popular, dynamic Belizean band “Fantasia” and continued as the lead singer to delight the Belizean and Caribbean community in Los Angeles for 14 years.  He continued performing as Lead Singer with the Phase II band for six years until he retired and relocated to Concord, California…
Ernest has released four solo CD’s in addition to several releases with various bands.  He has traveled across the United States performing for Belizean, West Indian, and Caribbean audiences singing Standards, Top 40, Soul, Latin, Reggae, Soca, and Punta Rock.  In 2008 he ventured into a new genre and releases his first Christmas album.

Ernest is still at the top of his game delighting Belizeans with his golden voice and is a hit in his new home of Concord, California. 

Ernest Tillett experience with Bands and Singing groups

Francis Codd Trio
Sam Adolphus Trio
Blue Notes Quartet
Blue Larks Quartet
Melody Swingers Band - 1956
Lord Rhaburn Band
Glenn Bood Band 
Harmonettes Band
The Outsiders
Los Caneros Band    
Francis Codd Trio
Sam Adolphus Trio
Vibration Band
Fantasia Band - Los Angeles
Phase II Band 
Vibration's Belizean - LP Album
Here's looking  at me - CD-Solo
Eruption Chapter I     - With Phase II Band
Here's looking at me again -  CD - Solo
The Singers Singer - CD Solo
Christmas with Ernest Tillett and Friends - CD
Golden Love Songs - CD
Collection of Favorites by Ernest Tillett - Double CD 

Voice of the bay - 1954, 1955, 1956, 1961

"Voice of the Bay"
1954, 1955, 1956, 1961

"Just as you are today" 
July 1st
"Caye Fest "
Jump-Up 2pm - 10pm 

  June 30th
"Old School Nite"
Summer Fest Dance